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Attic in a country house

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Very often people do not always rationally use their living space, and then complain that there is not enough space. Almost all owners of private houses have an attic, which is often not used, or is used to store old things.The attic can be converted into an attic and get even more living space, for this it is necessary to carry out a set of measures for its arrangement and decoration of the premises. Where to start building an attic, the first step is to dismantle the old roof and replace it with a newer one, very often for this you have to completely redo the entire roof. If your house is already many years old, then you need to make sure that the foundation is strong, if you doubt it, then it can be strengthened. After that, you can begin work on the insulation of the room and interior decoration, as for materials, you should use exactly those that are most suitable for your climate of residence. As a rule, the attic is sheathed with clapboard or drywall from the inside, the difference between them is not so big.

The attic is very cold, so it must be well insulated if you are going to live in it during the winter season, when it is -40 degrees outside. You need to insulate the roof and end partitions, also do not forget about the ceiling t.a lot depends on it. As for the insulation itself, it must retain heat well inside the house, have high technical characteristics and be water resistant. Today, the building materials market can offer you a wide range of heaters, but not all are suitable for attics. Now the most relevant insulation for attics is a heat-insulating material based on stone wool. One of the new products on the market of insulating materials is polyurethane foam, its main advantage is that it is absolutely environmentally friendly and clean, its service life is quite long, the structure of the insulation itself has a porous appearance. Due to this, it provides high heat and waterproofing of the room. If you want to buy pvc tiles in Yekaterinburg, for this, use the Internet and call the company.

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