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In the modern fast pace of life, a person does not have any free time for himself. Improper nutrition, limitation of motor activity, constant stress inevitably lead to poor health and various diseases. And even if a person wants to improve the situation, for example, go in for sports, then he simply does not have time for this.

But many people have found a great way to keep themselves in great physical shape at a convenient time. These are home workouts. Recently, the most popular among the variety of simulators have received a treadmill for the home and a home elliptical trainer.

Arranging cardio at home is easy, for example, treadmills can be attributed to cardio equipment. With proper and regular use of this simulator, the state of the cardiovascular system improves, and the endurance of the body increases. Well, the main motivating factor for choosing a treadmill is effective help in the fight against extra pounds.

However, with all the above advantages of using this simulator for home, after a while, many people stop using it, despite feeling good and losing weight. In most cases, the reason for not exercising is the wrong choice of simulator. After all, when a person experiences comfort and actually feels a surge of strength and health thanks to classes on a treadmill, this serves as a great incentive for him to continue. Here are a few things to look out for when purchasing a home treadmill.

– Mechanical or electrical?

The mechanical belt of the treadmill gives the impression of a natural run, while you run it rotates, when you stop it also does not move. In addition, economic aspects serve as a plus: there is no electricity consumption, the cost is much lower. But this type of track is not recommended for people with diseases such as varicose veins, joint problems, etc.

Classes on an electric treadmill require no effort to set the belt in motion. You can set the desired speed of movement, set up your own training program. Naturally, the question is the price – they are an order of magnitude more expensive.

The elliptical trainer for home, also called cross trainers, has recently become very common among those who are not indifferent to a healthy lifestyle.

When choosing an elliptical trainer, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

stride length, the longer the better

flywheel weight, it should be heavier

value for money. A high-quality simulator cannot be from an unknown manufacturer, cheap and with a short warranty period

user weight. It is necessary to take into account the maximum weight that the simulator can withstand

working time is an important parameter

number of users. Usually at least 2 people can work out on a good simulator during the day

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